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Access Crisis Intervention:
Access Crisis Intervention (ACI) is made available to support persons in crisis to regain optimal level of functioning and to decrease hospitalizations and incarceration of individuals struggling with mental health conditions. Mark Twain Behavioral Health ensures provision of crisis intervention services through Access Crisis Intervention (ACI) programming. ACI offers 24 hour telephone support and referral to a mobile crisis response team for northeast Missouri citizens experiencing psychiatric distress in our service area which includes these counties: Adair, Clark, Knox, Lewis, Macon, Marion, Scotland, Schuyler and Shelby. ACI assists to engage persons that are in crisis and provide assessment, treatment and referral to necessary services.

A qualified mental health professional will be available 24 hours a day to receive and assess calls from any person requesting acute mental health services. All referrals requesting immediate assistance for psychiatric emergencies are referred to the crisis clinician.

The qualified mental health professional will assess the situation for safety and may implement a mobile response and may contact law enforcement. When a call indicates an acute psychiatric crisis or imminent harm is present, a mobile response is activated to attend to the crisis in a jail, emergency room, location of crisis or another secured location.

If it is necessary to refer the caller to a specialized program, the local emergency room, primary practitioner, law enforcement or other community resource, the qualified mental health professional will stay in contact with the person in crisis until the situation is successfully resolved or the person is referred to a specialized program.

The ACI Director, and/or Coordinator will make necessary follow-up calls regarding at risk callers to link them to necessary services. Brief follow-up interventions at MTBH will be offered for any consumer in crisis that accesses the crisis team.

If you are experiencing a crisis situation,
please call our toll-free crisis line at
1-800-356-5395 which is available 24 hours a day.

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