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Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program:

The Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (CPRP) offers a client-centered approach to assist with stabilization of symptoms, to keep individuals functioning as independently as possible, to champion healthy lifestyles through wellness coaching, to promote community integration and help reduce the number of psychiatric hospitalizations.  The program emphasizes individual choices and needs; features flexible community-based services and supports; uses existing community resources and natural support systems; and promotes independence and the pursuit of meaningful living, working, learning, and leisure-time activities in normal community settings.  This Medicaid supported program provides an array of key services to persons with severe and persistent mental illness. Services include evaluations, crisis intervention, community support, medication management, and psychosocial rehabilitation. Eligible CPRP clients may be enrolled in the Healthcare Home and have the additional support of a Nurse Care Manager to assist with comprehensive care management, care coordination and promotion of health.  CPRP services include:

Community Support – Each individual has a community support specialist assigned to them that will meet with them on a routine basis. The focus is to address the individual’s problems and needs which are identified on their personalized treatment plan.

Medication Services – CPRP clients may see our psychiatric provider for medication services to prescribe and monitor medication effectiveness.

Crisis Intervention – Crisis services are available 24 hours per day through a crisis line and during the day through the mental health center. Additional services may also be available for short-term interventions with clinical staff to address a history of long term crisis prone issues. 

Psychosocial Rehabilitation –Rehabilitative groups, independent living skills education, community integration promotion, socialization and recreational opportunities are provided.

Integrated Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders (ITCD)Integrated Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders is available to clients participating in services offered by MTBH that could benefit from specialized programming.  The purpose of ITCD is to provide effective treatment for co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders to clients in the Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program.  Integrated Services are provided by a multidisciplinary team including an integrated treatment specialist to personalize treatment planning.  Comprehensive services are offered with multiple components available based on the needs of the client and may include case management, substance abuse counseling, educational groups and medication management to assist toward the goal of promoting health.

Healthcare Home (HCH) Services -  Healthcare homes are a place where individuals can come throughout their lifetime to have their healthcare needs identified and to receive the medical, behavioral and related social services and supports they need, coordinated in a way that recognizes all of their needs as individuals – not just as patients.  The HCH program is intended to improve physical health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs for healthcare home clients.  Clients who are eligible and elect to participate may work with a nurse care manager through HCH participation.


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