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Consultation and Educational Services:

Mark Twain Behavioral Health supports the community by sharing expertise through consultation and education.  We will gladly consult with employers, schools and other agencies on an as-requested basis to offer mental health related services, (i.e. corporation responses to grief, workplace supportive services and others).  As a mental health leader and administrative agent in the area, we reach out to the community through participation in a wide variety of community events to educate the public about mental health, healthy living and support.  Suicide prevention campaigns, community health fairs and event participation, and awareness through media are just a few of the ways we educate and enlighten the public about mental illness and behavioral healthcare.

Community Mental Health Liaison
The Community Mental Health Liaison works closely with law enforcement, courts, and hospitals in facilitating voluntary and involuntary placements.  As an outreach of the Access Crisis Intervention system, the Community Mental Health Liaison is available for crisis consultations. 

Responsibility for trainings, consultation and education services to our community partners is a primary role of the Community Mental Health Liaison. It is intended that they will engage in short-term services related to the initial crisis referral  and may assist with at-risk groups of consumers who are receiving DBT services or Drug Court Assessment.




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