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Healthcare Home:

Healthcare Home is a place where individuals can come throughout their lifetimes to have their healthcare needs identified. The medical, behavioral and related social services and supports they need are provided or arranged for in a way that recognizes all of their needs as persons. 

The HCH is part of a comprehensive specialty program, Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (CPRP) at MTBH, and offers enhanced services focusing on the overall healthcare and wellness goals of the client. The team works to coordinate with the Primary Care Providers (PCPs) of our members and to encourage and coordinate all types of needed services. The opportunity to communicate with staff and access team members is available for same day access for most issues that require such.

The purpose of the Healthcare Home is to help members achieve healthier outcomes by assisting them with identification and achievement of their goals, management of their physical and behavioral health conditions, accessing medical care providers and providing healthy lifestyle and health condition education. It is also expected that healthcare costs will be reduced through care coordination across all health issues.  An integrated treatment plan is utilized to ensure comprehensive and non-fragmented care for the client by the MTBH team of treating professionals. The family unit/caretaker is considered and included as needed for education of health conditions, needs and goals.

Mark Twain Behavioral Health, as a designated Healthcare Home (HCH) by the Department of Mental Health in the state of Missouri, strives to enhance the health of our members by providing comprehensive care management with a whole person healthcare philosophy. We aim to promote healthy lifestyles, encourage self-management of chronic conditions, support healthy use of available health care resources, and coordinate needed services within the Healthcare Home neighborhood. 

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