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Services Based on Contractual Agreements:

Mark Twain Behavioral Health is a resource for mental health services for many agencies and groups in our region. As an expert in mental health services, we want to assist our neighbors in time of need by providing person-centered care to strengthen the lives of our clients and their families.  We believe our services promote healing and wellness as well as allow persons to recover from illness and live and participate fully in their communities.  Agencies with a need for mental health services may contact us to learn more.

Department of Corrections

The Community Mental Health Treatment (CMHT) program is a contract between Mark Twain Behavioral Health and the Missouri Department of Corrections.  Once the correctional facility has identified someone as eligible, and in need of,  mental health services, they are referred by the Probation and Parole office to an administrative agent from the Division of Behavioral Health such as MTBH.  The target population for this program are those individuals who have committed legal offenses and have suffered marked impairment in social or occupation function due to suffering from a mental illness.  The hope is that program participants will be able to achieve an improved level of functioning with the help of various psychological services and/or the administration of medications.  In addition, persons with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues may also be referred to the CMHT program.  The actual duration and frequency of services rendered to CMHT clients will vary based on the assessed clinical needs of each individual.  Services available to CMHT clients may include any of the following options:


                        Individual/Group Counseling

                        Psychiatric Services

                        Medication Management

Mark Twain Behavioral Health also has special contracts in place with area court systems to conduct mental health and/or substance abuse screenings on individuals involved in drug courts.


Employee Assistance Programs
Area agencies may provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for their employees and contract with MTBH to provide counseling services through their EAP.  Interested agencies may contact MTBH Chief Operating Officer to make arrangements for this service.

School-based Services
Area schools may contract with MTBH to provide counseling, grief and/or other specialty services to their staff members or students on an as needed basis.  Interested schools may contact MTBH Chief Operating Officer to make arrangements for this service.


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